Product Six major product series with dozens of product models to meet your more needs
Application Steel structure, C-shaped steel, large station steel structure, shipyard, gate factory, coal mine underground, large road overpass steel structure pavement, trailer, train, automobile, bridge, tunnel, pipeline, pump pipe, container, floor, machinery, wind power equipment, dust removal equipment, mining equipment, pressure vessels, shelves, colored tiles, building interior and exterior walls, furniture, petrochemical, marine engineering, aerospace, aviation, steel plant blast furnace inner wall Industrial products and engineering coatings for pipeline inner walls, as well as automatic coating production lines for various industrial departments.
Outstanding Among the differences, there is always something to attract you.
  • 17Years

    experience accumulation

  • 100+

    Global agency

  • 1Seat

    Shanghai production base

  • 50+

    fully automated production equipment

  • 10+

    Obtained over 10 various certificates

  • 20000+

    Accumulated services for over 20000 users

Honorary Customers Our products have served tens of thousands of users.

Telansen is dedicated to solving various fluid handling products and solutions.

Where the fluid Is/Telansen is everywhere.

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Honor & Qualification High tech enterprise, production license, patent certificate, CE certification...
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